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Winemakers in Israel have been producing wine for millennia. Many grape varieties are grown in this typical Mediterranean climate, with plenty of sunshine. The volcanic soils of the North Galil, and the rocky limestone terrior of the central region are especially suitable for growing the best grapes.

Over the past thirty or so years, Israel has experienced a winemaking renaissance with dozens of new producers and winemakers entering the scene. Today, there are hundreds of wineries throughout Israel producing a fantastic array of internationally recognized exceptional wines. Top winemakers each compete to produce the absolute best wine available anywhere in the world. Most of the wines also happen to be kosher.



Since the beginning of Israel’s new winemaking renaissance, Sam Brown, and his co-founders of Otzer, Isaac Ben Tov and Jacob, have each been studying, exploring, and tasting kosher Israeli wines, looking for the epitome of this winemaking evolution. It is as part of this story that they created Otzer, to showcase the best of the best wines from top winemakers across Israel, each who bring their own style of craft, knowledge, passion, and experience. Otzer seeks out the most creative and inspirational wines which reflect Israel’s rich winemaking history, based on respect for the land, a humbleness toward nature, reverence of the process of winemaking, and a drive for uncompromising quality.


“…and wine to gladden the heart of man…”

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We choose Otzer wines which are perfectly harmonious, with impressive intensity. They are expressive, but not overwhelming, and connected to the terroir, reflecting fertile soil from a perfect natural bed. You will find tannins which are gripping and powerful, but not too much so. Close your eyes and taste the depth of our wines. You will sense a classic array of flavors, violets, hints of spice, tabaco, forest berries, pomegranate, and cherries. Otzer wine is always bold, forward, engaging, and stimulating, and always with a dramatic long finish that lingers long after the initial experience.

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Collector Series I was created from a single barrel set aside as the best of Israel’s entire 2013 vintage. It is a blend of mostly Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Mourvedre and Merlot, sourced from the Upper Galilee, from premium vines growing in ideal conditions, hand harvested at night at cool temperatures. It is aged for 20 months in French Oak Barrels and for an additional 24 months in the bottle. The result is a complex wine, exemplifying the Otzer vision, rich in sultry and brooding ripe dark fruits, well balanced, full-bodied, with a long velvety finish. Only 300 bottles were released. It is truly one of a kind, and can be enjoyed now, or laid down for years to come.


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